VestaLand: European Investment Property

Vesta Land is a boutique developer. We develop exceptional investment and holiday property in emergent European markets. Our focus is on European investment property and our goal is to offer superior property providing excellent opportunities for capital appreciation and reliable rental returns.

We do this by identifying undervalued, fast growing regions in up and coming countries that are developing quality local tourism. Our development plots are situated in prime locations within meticulously selected areas.

Take a look at our views on  emergent European property markets in our country analysis section and our views on the best opportunities for 2010.   In this section we review property markets in Croatia, Bulgaria, Hungary and Budapest, Slovakia and Montenegro

Currently, Vesta Land is focusing on the magnificent Istrian peninsular, in beautiful  Croatia please take a look below at our Real Estate in Croatia section.  

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Real Estate in Croatia

VestaLand is currently working on prime development plots in Istria (Northern Croatia)We have a web site dedicated to Croatia.  If you are interested in:

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  • Real Estate in Croatia

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