Europe - Property market overview

We continually look for property markets that offer opportunities for medium and long term investment.   As part of this work we undertake research on different areas across Europe.

This type of research is based on trawling through the net to find views and analysis.   we share this on our web pages.  The information will give you an overview on different countries and help to illustrate why we have chosen specific development opportunities at this time.

We undertake more detailed, customized and "on the ground analysis", this information is shared on a consultancy basis with our customer's.

We currently have the following reports on our site:


Croatia property :          The Istria region of Croatia  is our pick for 2010. 

Stable economy with developed infrastructure.  Very accessible by air and car. A more careful approach is being taken to development to retain the charm and beauty of the country. It has weathered the slow down well. Property is still good value compared to it's neighbours. Good potential for capital appreciation and strong rental yields exist. No mortgage market exists at this time,  this will develop and it will improve market liquidity and values. EU accession is expected in the next few years.


Slovakia property:         Current Hold.

Slovakia, and Bratislava has a shortage of housing stock, supporting good rental yields. Property here is a hold while the economy direction becomes clearer.


Bulgaria property:   The "new Spain" pick location and property type carefully.

Bulgaria is often likened to Spain in it’s approach to development. It is focused on large scale tourism and has shown the same problems as spain in the last few years.  Buyers need to be very careful to pick the right locations and properties, at the right price, as there are issues of over supply in specific areas and markets. 


Hungary property : A more mature property market, lower upside opportunity.

Hungary is already a member of the EU. The property market took off earlier than many of it’s neighbours and has seen significant increases before the turn down. Little opportunity at this time. 


Montenegro property:    One to watch for the future

Montenegro has potential for capital appreciation and attractive rental yields, once the world economy picks up.  It's location and unspoilt countryside and towns will continue to attract growing numbers of tourists.  At this time it is a higher risk investment due to the less stable economy, lack of support infrastructure and large black market.