Property Investment - Our Approach

Vestaland offers property investment opportunities in emerging European markets. These markets are unique in that they offer relative political stability and stable currency yet are fast growing regions in terms of tourism, business and infrastructure.

We take a medium to long term view and look for areas within Europe that offer:

  • Attractive rental yields: supported by either the development of quality tourist locations or business rentals.

  • Opportunity for capital growth: property prices that are comparatively lower than surrounding countries.

  • Sound Legal System: to ensure that we can obtain clean land rights.

  • Growing and stable economy: to support longer term investment aims

  • Managed land policy: the preservation of green areas and careful planning zones and specifications for new build.  

Once we have identified these areas then we:

  • Research: undertake meticulously research within these areas. 

  • Develop local expertise: build up a team of local support. 

  • Select prime plots: identify prime plots in excellent locations.  

Using this methodology VestaLand has identified Istria in Northern Croatia as a high potential area. Please note that our approach and philosophy is focused on medium to long term investment not short term approaches.


Investment Property Advice

It is our goal to develop a range of investment opportunities for people who are looking at buying investment property.  Please find below information that we think is useful property investment advice.  The information ranges from web links to interesting web sites, news articles and property reports that we have found.  We do not necessarily agree with all the comments made. 

  • Top criteria on where and what to buy
  • Property - early retirement and a balanced portfolio
  • We add to this range of articles every week.  If you would like more information on them please contact us.

    • Articles on buying property 
    • International Property buying Guide - Forbes: Charming Tuscan villas lure with views of lush olive groves and ancient hill towns. Beachfront retreats in the Caribbean call like modern sirens. While traveling abroad, who among us hasn't been tempted to splurge on an exotic vacation home?

      But international real estate is more than an impulse buy--or, it should be if you're smart.


    "Croatia soared to the top of this year's poll after a fourth-place finish last year. Croatia's appeal was its unique combination of culture, history, cuisine, accessibility and affordability. As one staffer wrote, "This is Croatia's year. It appeals to a wide range of travellers with its rich diversity of attractions. And it has not yet been over-touristed, but it has developed an excellent tourism infrastructure -- so that it suits both adventurous travellers and those who need a degree of comfort in their planning." Other staffers lauded its "stunning beaches and islands," "magnificent food" and "wonderfully preserved towns such as Dubrovnik." Congratulations, Croatia!" 

    Croatia - A star is Born ( Sunday Times Febuary 2005)

    "Since much of Croatia is a long narrow strip of coast, it’s an obvious candidate for the classic sunny summer holiday. Having emerged from the bust-up of old Yugoslavia with the lion’s share of the shore, it offers almost 1,000 miles of seaside, reaching all the way from the Slovenian border to the Montenegrin one. And should you run out of mainland, there are still 1,185 islands to play on — many of them as easy to reach as the Isle of Wight from Hants."